The Standard Bearer Pancake

The Standard BKP is a low-profile, OWB holster designed to be close to the body. Whether you’re carrying concealed, or out for a day at the range, this holster is your go-to. 2A has designed the BKP with “easy on/off tabs”, to make de-holstering a breeze while simultaneously maintaining great retention for everyday use. Belt-size 1.5/2.0 adjustable only. For one belt size only, consider the Slim Profile Pancake.




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The Standard Bearer is a strong, lightweight secure Kydex Pancake holster.


1. Made to fit ‘around’ the body. The holstered weapon will fit snug against the body, letting you know it’s ‘there’ without screaming, ie; causing pain.

2. Hand tensioning system. Thumbscrew standard with phillips-screw incl. to change over if desired.

3. Easy on/off tabs allow you to put holster on/off without removing your belt. Extra hardware to change to solid mount incl.

4. Sweat Guard, if chosen, has Black Velvet liner on the portion next to you.

They fit best for hip-carry, 2:30 to 4:30 range RH, or 8:30 to 10:30 LH.

Comes standard with a hand-tensioning system, and in multiple colors. 0.125 Kydex belt straps can be converted to solid mounting. If you’d like a custom-pancake, ie; different position, other changes, just use the contact form and tell me what you’d like.

It’s that simple. Want a Laser engraved graphic? Shoot me an e-mail/use contact form! Flags, public domain stuff; $15. You can also provide artwork, or I can produce artwork.

Don’t see your gun listed? Shoot me an e-mail/use contact form. I’ll make it happen!

I can make these Kydex Pancake Holsters with lights, and have made them. Lights like the Viridian C5 are slim. Lights like the Surefire X300 are fat and wouldn’t work well. TLR’s are also a bit fat, yet I just made a Pancake with TLR4 and was able to give a nice 15’cant to it. Just send me a note if you’d like one with a light and we can discuss. If we do it, cost $30-$60. Also allow extra time for delivery. Custom pieces simply take more work on my end.

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