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Litepath Chest Holster

The Litepath Chest Holster is our best-selling product. Originally designed for Concealed Carry, it is the most comfortable & effective alternative you will ever find to a shoulder holster.



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The creation of this holster was guided by men that “live by the gun”. Former FAM/FFDO, SOF/SF and top notch LEO & civilians as well.

This holster, like any other holster is as safe as you are. “Gear should never be used to account for a lack of training “, Retired SF Green Beret LTC and 2A Holster Customer.

NO LOOSE STRAPS! both the waist band strap and the neck straps have adjustable take-up buckles to prevent loose straps hanging.

The waist belt is Mil spec W-5664 compliant material required 3 to 6 lbs. to produce 50% elongation. The Neck straps are a polypropylene material with take up buckle.

All seams are hidden inside each loop or well placed to prevent discomfort (Seam is just aft of the buckle on the Shooter draw side). Neoprene backing is an added feature for a bit of padding between you and the Chest Holster. Easy to install can be attached by me, or included for you to attach. You can also skip this option by choosing; No Thanks!

The Carry Drop-down Box. Choose how you plan on carrying. There is no price difference there, but if you’re planning on carrying Muzzle Down Only or Muzzle Up Only, then I can alter the design to be used in that position only. This reduces the holsters already small footprint, and “I think” makes for a better experience overall.




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1 review for Litepath Chest Holster

    4 out of 5

    Observations Over a Year of Use I've had my Litepath holster for just over a year now, and I owe Tom that review I promised him. I saw no point in writing one until I had fully tested his product. Overall, it's a fantastic holster that suits my needs well, and I wear it whenever I go hiking or camping. I normally carry appendix, but that position is neither comfortable nor ideal when you need maximum mobility and flexibility, or when your pack has hip straps. The Litepath allows for complete mobility, eliminates the chafing associated with IWB carry, and does not interfere with backpack straps. Moreover, I can comfortably wear this while inside my mummy sleeping bag and hammock, and it is far easier, safer, and quicker to access than would be a waistband holster. If you are familiar with mummy sleeping bags, or hammock camping, you know this is true. As a side note, when I first ordered my Litepath, the straps were too big, and I had some problems with the orientation of the holes in the kydex, but Tom was friendly, patient, and understanding, and after a phone call and a couple returns, the issues were resolved. Although I am still pleased with my purchase, there are, however, several problems that I have encountered. Some were evident within the first couple weeks of use, and others took more time to become apparent. I hope that these problems have already been resolved in the holsters made since last year. First, the Chicago Screws that are used to attached the straps to the kydex are too short and barely mate. This means that they are constantly getting loose, and I must keep a screwdriver with me and tighten them often. The screws should probably be an eighth inch longer. Second, the neoprene o-rings that go between the kydex shell and the strap anchors are much too soft. As I understand it, they are intended to provide constant pressure and friction to help prevent the Chicago screws from loosening, but the neoprene is too squishy, so to speak, and deforms. From my EDC holster I have found that rubber o-rings are tougher and much more effective. You can cinch down a screw and they retain their shape. Third, the retention adjustment thumb screw, and possibly the kydex mold. The male and female halves are either too far apart, or they simply aren't long enough, but the result was that they don't mate properly. The male end worked itself out, and is probably on a trail somewhere in Utah or Arizona. I think the flaw is in the length of the screw, and also possibly in the holster design. I'll do my best to explain. If I tighten the thumb screw to the point at which I know it won't work loose, the retention on my gun is far too great for a muzzle-down or horizontal carry configuration. Frankly, even when the screw is out completely, there is more than enough retention for a muzzle-down or horizontal carry. When I am carrying in the muzzle-up configuration, I do, of course, tighten the thumb screw to increase retention, but even then, the male and female halves are barely mated, and begin to work loose again once I have drawn my firearm and the pressure on the screw has been somewhat relieved. Fourth, the horizontal elastic strap. Preventing the holster from getting loose and sagging down on my chest has been a struggle. When I tighten the shoulder straps to raise up and support the firearm, the weight eventually pulls the horizontal strap further up my back, allowing my firearm to sag again. To compensate, I tighten the elastic strap and shoulder straps even further, but the process simply repeats, again and again. Even when significantly tightened, I do not believe the elastic strap material is sufficient to support the weight of the firearm. (By the way, I carry a sub-compact Glock, so it's not that heavy.) I would greatly prefer a thicker and wider band that can support and resist the upward pull of the shoulder straps. For this latter reason, I am particularly happy to see Tom's new Outdoorsman model. A second problem I am beginning to see now, after repeated use, is that the elastic straps are curling at the points where the shoulder straps loop around them. As this reduces the flatness and smoothness of the straps against the body, the level of comfort decreases. Although there are several problems, they are not all major design flaws, and I believe they can be easily remedied. This holster fills a need that no other holster has; I have recommended it to my friends, and I recommend it now.

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