Do You do Custom Work?

Many folks ask me for custom work. I am glad to oblige them.
It takes time & effort on your part and mine. 
Send me an e-mail as to get the ball rolling.

Lead Time.

Presently on a 3-5 day lead time normally. You order on Wednesday. 
I ought to have it in the mail by Monday or Tuesday USPS Priority. 
If it is a color or gun I do not stock, then that must be ordered. 
Both typically arriving the next day or two. 
I tend to keep everyone updated via the order console after you order.

Are your Holsters made in China?

No. As you can read in my About Us page, I am a one man show here in Middle Georgia. 
I do have expansion plans in the works.

Are Your Holsters Guaranteed?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your holster contact me within 30 days to get a return authorization. 
For a normal undamaged return You simply pay return shipping + a 10% restocking fee 
and I issue a refund after checking the product.

If my Holster arrives with a problem, will you fix it or replace it?


1.If your Holster arrives in an undamaged box/envelope and wasn’t damaged in shipping, 
I will freely send you out another one ASAP. No cost to you!

2. If it was damaged in Shipping you’ll need to take that up with the USPS folks. But let me know about it if you will.

3. If you need to return a Holster to me, please use the contact sheet to let me know whats up/wrong. 
Include a phone number so we can talk to speed things along too.